Back To Kendari

Back to Kendari, finally. After finishing my job in banjarmasin and mudik to bengkulu for couple days, now i’ve been back in my office again since yesterday 7 November. There are some job was waiting in here for me, i hope it will be goin’ well and there is no out of schedule. Now, my office PT Anoa Wijaya Sejahtera has became a new promoted vendor of PT Siemens Indonesia for construction work of TELKOMSEL BTS in South East of Sulawesi.

2 thoughts on “Back To Kendari”

  1. Loh?!Bang Epat kerja di banjar tho??!!
    Wah, Benggkuluu..
    Blom pernah ke situ semua.. 🙁


    *Iyah dek ( adek? lagi? hihihi ), kemaren selama puasa berkelana dibanjarmasin. Klo Bengkulu adalah tempat yang membesarkan saya, dan sampai sekarang ortu masih tinggal disana.

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