Time Capsule by Yahoo!

I’ve got information from enda’s blog about yahoo time capsule last night, then i go to check it. This is very nice, the first ever global electronic time capsule, collecting words, pictures, videos and more. They said :

Hundreds of years from now, people will wonder about this time and place. Now’s your chance to tell them what you and your world, your art, your culture and your traition were all about in 2006.

Everyones can give their contribution here, but they have a team to filter each people contribution. They will give confirmation from email. I have submitted my first contribution in here, and you can learn more about Yahoo Time Capsule who’s created by Jonathan Harris in here.

Wanna shared about your world in this time to people on our next generations? just check it out.

3 thoughts on “Time Capsule by Yahoo!”

  1. gw soh bukan ngomentari isine ..tapi boso seng awakmu gawe …awakmu wes ketularan “koncomu” toh … nganggo boso linggis pisan :p

  2. ah peraktek ah sama pacar uy.enak jigana french kiss teh.dah nyoba eh pengen lagi uy.yang blon cepetan uy,enakeun tau.dah ah.mo ngetes ilmu ah
    doain ya.ntar mah tekhniknya lebih diperdalam atuh.biar yang baru juga bisa tau uy.

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